M2MJ Human Resources Consulting Services

Company Profile

M2MJ Human Resources Consulting was conceptualized and founded by successful professionals who have been with prestigious organizations for more than a decade. Believing in people as the most valuable asset of any organization, we are committed to provide services and resources in support of your company's human resource requirements.

We have a network of professionals covering a broad range of domains such as Accountancy, Engineering, Health Services, Insurance, Information Technology (IT), Marketing, Sales, etc. We emphasize delivery of high quality service, ensuring that the RIGHT PERSON is provided to the RIGHT JOB.

Training Programs

  1. Leadership Challenge Training
  2. Effective Communication Skills (Oral & Written)
  3. Work Attitude and Values Enhancement Program
  4. Change Management
  5. Business Development Enhancement Program
  6. Effective Managerial/ Supervision Skills
  7. Sales Pipeline Management
  8. Culture Training (The Multicultural Workplace: Dealing with Workplace Diversity)
  9. Intercultural Communication
  10. Presentation Skills
  11. Strategic Planning
  12. Succession Planning
  13. Training the Trainor:  Curriculum Design
  14. Conflict Management
  15. Team Building:  5 Dysfunctions of a Team to High Performing Teams
  16. Performance Management
  17. MS EXCEL Comprehensive Usage Training Program
  18. Personality Development Series

Our Mission

To deliver the best Human Resource Services fit for your
company's need.



Our Vision

We are the ultimate Human Resources Consulting Provider known for integrity
as the core value to provide service that is excellent, trustworthy, and reliable.